12. A mad god

A mad god – oil on canvas – 900 x 600mm

A mad god

When you make the seeking of absolute freedom your underlying desire, you realise that you are the creator of your own existence.
Your creation is right before your eyes, right now.
Everything before you is you, at every moment of your day.
All of your bad luck as well as good has always been you.
There is no part of your world that is not you.
When you allow your true heart, your intuition to rule your life, your truth becomes obvious to you.
But there is more!
You still need to find a balance between, mind, ego and intuition.
While you live in a body, your ego is not dead and your mind is still active.
They both serve to anchor you in this reality.
If you let your ego slip while you have the power of a god, you will end up with a lot of problems.
You must avoid the temptation to want attention in your world.
Imagine a world where the god became so full of ego that he demanded attention all of the time and even interfered with his people lives.
Imagine a god that demanded that his followers praise him.
Imagine a god that insisted that his believers prayed to him for mercy and begged him for forgiveness.
It would be an egotistical god to be avoided.
Imagine a god that demanded that his flock spend half a day a week humbling themselves before him.
Imagine a god that allowed humans to represent him and to have the authority of his vain teaching.
Imagine if he allowed statues and all manner of strange merchandise to be made in his name.
Imagine if he frightened the masses into submission by threatening them with eternal damnation if they didn’t submit.
Imagine if his businesses became one of the most powerful and richest in the world.
Imagine if he told his faithful that they were sinners and should spend their lives in humble submission to him and his world.
He would have robbed the people of their freedom and turned them into slaves.
He could easily keep them poor by telling them that money is evil.
Meanwhile his agents would be free to hoard treasures to their hearts content.
It would be a crazy world.
All because of an ego-driven god.
What a terribly restrictive world.
This could happen to you and your world.
You must keep your ego in check, your mind focused and give your intuition absolute freedom.