2. Look within

Look within – oil on canvas – 900 x 600mm

Look within

People spend their lives as if they are blindfolded.
They live in total ignorance of their own truth.
Rarely do they think about life or question why they are even alive.
They are too busy focussing on frivolous and trivial pursuits.
They are too busy playing senseless games and chasing impossible dreams.
When you only have eyes for this reality, you are blind to the reality of your own eternal existence.
This reality is designed to keep you frustrated.
Intentionally, it constantly leaves you feeling weak, worthless and powerless.
The rulers of this world keep your focus outward and away from inward.
This way you seek your happiness and fortune out there somewhere, somewhere outside of yourself.
You are discouraged from looking within, the only place where your fulfilment really lies.
A few find happiness but it is occasional and temporary.
Some make fortunes but it does not bring true and lasting pleasure because it is handled by an insatiable and dissatisfied mind.
A restless mind is gullible and easily seduced by the insane whims of the ego.
Once the ego takes over, blindness sets in.
Daily the world bears witness to the ugly display of vanity and arrogance of those who wear their wealth as if it makes them superior beings.
They are following the urge to flaunt their vanity, they are listening to the whisperings of their mad egos.
If you follow your ego, you head for disaster.
The ego turns life into a long series of blunders, crashes, bad decisions and broken promises.
Most of the world think that such negativity is normal.
This is insane, it’s unnatural.
Your world is a picture of your mind.
Your life is a daily display of your thoughts.
At the moment, your mind is a mad mash of half-thought out ideas and superstitious nonsense.
To make things worse, you can hardly hear your intuition.
This is disastrous because your intuition is your only chance of seeing clearly and finding freedom.
There is a simple solution, one that sounds too easy to be true.
You need to focus on one dream, absolute freedom.
This one simple idea is like an umbrella that covers everything good that you could ever imagine.
You need to make absolute freedom your desired destination.
The more you hold to the ideal of absolute freedom, the more your eyes will open to the truth of your world.
There is nothing that can surpass that one dream, absolute freedom.
There is nothing more important to seek.
There is nothing you can wish for that is better than that one thing, absolute freedom.
And you will only find it if you look within.
Ask yourself about it.