16. Nowhere

Nowhere – oil on canvas – 900 x 600mm


Most pursuits in this world are leading you nowhere.
You go to work, come home, watch TV, around and around, over and over.
Your goals are compromises and your dreams are vague.
You have no destination, you are marching to a dreary tune in a tiny cubicle you call life.
For inspiration you seek out entertainment but it leaves you in a neutral state and the whole experience quickly becomes a fuzzy memory.
Pastimes and recreation all leave you nowhere.
Their effect is so neutral that they may as well not have happened.
People like to accumulate all of their life.
They accumulate possessions, pretty trinkets, objects of art, experiences, ideas, memories, knowledge, money and even power.
In the long run, these things do not amount to anything.
They do not lead to happiness, contentment or insight into life.
These things leave you no better or worse for the experience.
They are grey, neutral and mere shadows in the game.
The things of this world remain of this world and there is nothing you can do to add them to your self-understanding or to the unfoldment of your own truth.
Your answers never lie in the outer reality.
There is only one place to aim at, one destination, only one goal, only one thing worth attaining and that’s absolute freedom.
Anything else is a compromise.
Anything less is like getting off the train before you arrive at your destination.
Most pursuits in this reality are like trying to swim through fog, nothing happens and when it’s all over, it’s hard to even recall the experience.
Absolute freedom is the cover-all that always leads you definitely and clearly in a direction that is worthwhile and perfectly suited for you.
This world is locked in a mental prison that goes nowhere, teaches nothing and promises everything.
Seek absolute freedom and you’re on the road to somewhere.