Other art

Acrylic on canvas – 900 x 600mm – $600


Ideas I don’t recall – Sometimes ideas flash across my mind like lightning in a dark storm. They’re too quick. In a mere moment they are fading memories. But they are valuable, almost essential, these ideas that I don’t recall.

Things happen to me – Sometimes things happen to me that I can’t talk about because there are no words. I think everyone has this happen but like me, they can’t talk about it because language is not enough. Maybe I’m trying to understand an infinite reality using finite words, that’s crazy of course.

The extent of life – Sometimes what I see is not what’s going on. Sometimes, perhaps often, my senses don’t or can’t reveal the extent of life that surrounds me. There are multiple levels of synchronistic wonders I cannot witness. There are colours that I am blind to. There are events subtly linked that I am not aware of. I wonder what life really looks like?

Things I’ve never seen – Sometimes things look like things that I’ve never seen. But somehow I vaguely remember their existence. Perhaps I saw them in another existence or in another mind in an other reality. Regardless I know that they are somewhere.