4. The only thing you need

The only thing you need – oil on canvas – 900 x 600mm

The only thing you need

Your ability to create freely put you into the mental prison you live in today.
You have the freedom to believe in whatever you want.
However, whatever you believe, creates the reality you see before you.
Unfortunately, you believed the false stories and lies you were told about this world.
Most of the things you believe in reject the heart and place emphasis on the physical.
Every false belief you have swallowed, has added to the restrictions in your life.
Now it seems as if there is no escape.
Your beliefs were borrowed and then they buried you.
You have believed yourself into a negative world where you have become the victim instead of the creator.
Subconsciously you are always yearning to be free and it causes you endless frustration.
By consciously desiring only absolute freedom you can change all of this.
“I wish for absolute freedom”, is a call to action to your intuition.
It gives permission to your intuition to twist and turn events so that you will be taken towards that simple goal.
Make your dreams revolve around the dream of absolute freedom.
Imagine what it would be like to make a world, a world that is perfectly suited to you.
It’s possible, if you are willing to give that one desire precedence over every other fantasy you have.
Cement this one idea firmly in your heart and live it.
Absolute freedom is the dream of dreams, the answer of answers, the key to all keys.
It’s the key that gurus, saints, wise guys and spiritual leaders have promised forever but never found for themselves.
You don’t need a magic genie to give you three wishes.
You only need this one idea firmly planted in your mind.
I wish for absolute freedom.
I wish for absolute freedom.
I wish for absolute freedom.
Live it and don’t let it fade.
This is the answer that the whole world seeks.
You are a creator, it is your essence.
Existence is your putty.
Since you are free to create anything without limit, why not seek absolute freedom?
Ask your heart now.
Start thinking about it immediately.
I wish for absolute freedom.
I wish for absolute freedom.
I wish for absolute freedom.
It’s the only answer you need.
It’s the only destination worth arriving at.
It’s the sweetest answer you will ever hear.
Trust the magic genie, your intuition and it will deliver the goods promised.
Rub the magic lantern of your heart now and bring it to life, so that you can make your one wish clear.