15. The void

The void – oil on canvas – 900 x 600mm

The void

You are eternal consciousness existing within an infinite void.
The void is you.
It is space in your consciousness, an open place in your awareness.
It is the place where you create realities.
It is up to you to fill it as you want.
Your thoughts populate its emptiness.
Your ideas, your dreams, hopes and wishes all help fill the emptiness.
So do your fears, your dreads and your worries.
You can do whatever you like in this void.
You create and fill it by consideration.
What you think about, comes about.
Your whole existence is a picture of your thoughts.
Your whole world came about because you thought about it.
If you are not happy with what you see, then it is up to you to change it.
Whether or not you can effectively change your experiences depends upon your strength of belief in your own uncomfortable thoughts.
Most of humanity feels a sense of hopelessness, of impotence in this world.
They feel trapped in circumstances that are way beyond their control.
This is only because they firmly believe in all of the structures around them.
They believe in the religions, the science, the politics, the financial systems, the education systems and all of the rest of the false teachings.
These things are only true for as long as you believe in them.
You are a void, how you use that space is up to you.
If you are too lazy to do anything about what you don’t like, that is up to you also.
Life is your space, your unlimited void to play within.
At the moment your reality is closed because that is the state of your mind.
Seek absolute freedom above all else and your mind will soon see gaps in this reality.
Seek absolute freedom above all else and your intuition will soon show you cracks in reality.
Seek absolute freedom above all else because that is your true nature.
Clear the void and change the rules.